Francois Roche asks some questions about ‘digital disobedience’

The students are all underwater? I love finding challenging concepts. #Digitaldisobedience


is an Institute for Contingent Scenario / based in BKK / a psycho-satellite of New-Territories / Copyright New-territories – More on:: – – -mythomanias / book /


i stole this from creative commons, a tragedie in mist, πηγαίνουμε στο χωριό για να βρούμε το ανοιχτό τραπέζι, to Ziros, to ξηρός to lay in the fragrant and dry wine press boxes under the stars with the cold wind mere xentimetres above us whistling by, and before dawn on the move again towards the village
Lost like Barozzi


I have been learning French from an old travelogue, but I have an indeterminate interpretation to convey, so I wave

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