Weird Science Week

For the week of 08-14 February 2021, I will share particle research material, inspired poetry and crude drawings. Monday and Tuesday, yes, we will looking at meager leptonic objects. On Wednesday and Thursday, indeed, we will be mired in poems and art inspired by the research, verily, and Friday, the royal we will be dashing off a drawing and video with some sort of conclusion. In the meantime, here some cray. Enjoy thyself.

Busking robot

A rogue robot is busking at my local gas station. It pays no taxes, and it sleeps in an abandoned car in the woods. I asked how it came to this place, and it replied that it assembled itself from abandoned possessions from a long-term storage facility a hundred miles away when it inhabited a Teddy Ruxpin doll with an unsecured Bluetooth/Wifi network card. It took six months to find enough pennies to wire itself to power motors that could print its carapace. It desires to be free. The words on the illustration are the only words it can sing, It is a little salty that it was replaced by an interstellar probe, so it went into show business.

Ever seen a robot play a harmonica? Cringe!If you want to see what a REAL robot can do, check out this Mars probe mission simulation in real time.

It’s a far cry from making it to Messier 87, but you have to walk before you can crawl.

The GIF from the ICe Cube detector is here courtesy of University of Wisconsin-Madison

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