The Most Wonderful Evening of My Life

When chasing your dream becomes something more.

What’s up with all of those frigging mirrors?

So much danger in this clip. I feel like I have reached shitpost clairvoyance:

No, I didn’t know that, but that is not even surprising, courtesy of IMDb

I was banned from /r/WallStreetBets for three days for asking if the Mars mission landing today for the Perseverance Rover was possibly more important television today than /u/DEEPFUCKINGVALUE testimony before Congress. I still don’t know. DFV’s testimony is going to be kerosene on Wall Street’s dumpster fire. Seriously, Wall Street is bullshit. There’s even a statue of Charging Bull, and a statue of Fearless Girl facing it. I feel like I’m in some sort of vortex of memes.

Sonoluminescence is a phenomenon that occurs when a small gas bubble is acoustically suspended and periodically driven in a liquid solution at ultrasonic frequencies, resulting in bubble collapse, cavitation, and light emission. Exactly that.

Light from sound. Crazy mysterious.

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