Poem, “Schmaltzy Yodel”

There is a liar's block in my head as wide as you are deep in it, 
lucky five time fathom diver with the chief mimicked.
A kickstand in Wikistan propping up a Bultaco with no gas in it.
Yellow mustard on your french fried idear potater,
and a bowl cut. Into Depp on fragile terms, affaiblisseur 
de synonymes. Unfocused, stuffed birds and aéroglisseur
like anenomes sway unnoticed, upturned, interned, and unlearned,

Onomatopée, humancy inside a'creepin' it,
Putty knives on fashion buyers like spirochete shivs nicked
a sixth hand in Chicken Stan's popping mountain apo slow dance tent.
Fellow just blurred out on immense strides, see ya later.
Had I known what in shoes felt I had soft learned, in dog leather may
I you repay the lowest rates unconcerned, sands, hourglass, if du fait
archival memory trombonists just learned and hummed unconcerned,
but not played, the song 
I sang today:

Dinkel vulsa voya
I want to enjoy a 
short stack
On a river shore of 
Groucho Chou An Lai.

Think I'll meet the royal
Count to employ a 
Droid staff
For a gripping chore of
Kazuo the Tiger's Eye
with Overtime.



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