Twenty questions veers suddenly into

According to a rumor yet to be confirmed by the current affairs desk at TMZ, the buzz at Bistro Sgreen is that fiftystatebanana is working on a new painting. That’s saying a lot, considering the dwindling output we have seen with the artist lately.

Q: Is it booze?

A: No.

Q: Is it depression?

A: No.

Q: Is it another job?

A: No.

Q: Is it existential dread mixed with ADHD?

A: Undefined.

Q: Is it the scheduling with the kids?

A: No.

Q: Is it due to underperforming oxidizers?

A: Never.

Q: Is it due to a genetic disorder that rose naturally as a biproduct of ageing and expresses itself in anomalous arrangement and magnitude of genetic transcription errors, protein misfolds, pollution-induced mutations, and the space lemur/beetle hormones?

A: Who knows?

Q: Is it due because all library materials need to be returned on or before the date specified in the receipt?

A: No.

Q: Is it because he does not pay this ghostwriter enough?

A: There was no contract. I write for hay and kind words.

Q #10 : Is it not because of anything, but simply an active part of his sustainability plan.

A: Sadly, no.

Q: Is it a form of negative space?

A: Why is that significant if I said ‘yes’?

Q: Is it because the paintings are so big they got stuck in the antenna?

A: No. I paint in oil. It helps them fit in tight space.

Q: Is it because that’s what they want you to think?

A: Yes.

Q: Is it because you were already thinking that, but for a totally different reason, O-M-G?!


Q: Is it because the content provider has been unfairly dividing his time between family and community volunteer efforts?

A: No. Everyone has time to take a dump on Putin’s chest, and because of its theoretical size, enough room, too.

Q: Is it because everyone acts like it do be like that, even though it do not be, maybe?

A: In Weirdese: Hamlet dithers on the local artifact, tic tac tesseract. Or in English:

Q: Wtf did that mean?

A: The website traffic for the May 2021-2022 report is on your desk already, next to MY RAISE!

Figure 1. A sad banana does not a big raise make, courtesy of the Boss

Q: Could the slow volume be due to a stint with jury duty or incarceration?

A: No evidence of either.

Q: Could it be because it is what it aint?

A: In the case of weird radio bursts, lean into solitons.

Q # 20: Is it possible to articulate the issue without leaning on Bayesian inference for a change?

A: Probably not the best choice.

So, we can rest easy. It is probably due to what they want you to think, but, like, that’s WHY I am totally thinking of the opposite right now.

Figure2. ‘Banana soliton wave’, AI and fiftystatebanana

Okay, to be a little plainer, I have been wrapped up in some projects. I am preparing to create some drone art programs. Not like I can show you the results. I cannot afford a boatload of drones. I could make the programs, and I could do it well, because I have been training on drones used for display, more or less. Some have proximity and optical sensors that can react to color or orientation to other drones.

So, because I am idly interested in particle physics, waves in metamaterials and such, I wanted to show what being preoccupied looks like (Figures 1-4).

Figure 3. Squirrel! image courtesy of

Figure 4: Trapped at the DMV of hobbycraft, courtesy of
Figure 5. and a walk on the beach

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