‘Cathode Ray and the Sunsets’ – work in progress – finished

Oil on canvas, ”18 x 24”

Figure 1. Cathode Ray and the Sunsets, fsb

I have a lot of yellow paint. Those hovering faces need more context and detail, some cool tones.

The old man walking through the stacks of televisions has no chin, freddymuttons, a pronounced receding hairline, pale skin, slight frame, dog nose, and a white short sleeve dress shirt with a pale tie, baggy pants, a clown.

I will get into the story of the faces later. I painted the scene in Figure 1 before work with a handful of brushes and oils that I mixed the night before with clear linseed. I ran out of linseed oil dressing the faces in Figure 2.

Figure 2. Purple, clean-up
Figure 3. Pallets warm the zig zag up the middle, subdued tv colors, faces worried over, abandoned/finished.

I know from past experiencesI will ruin the faces if I try any more wet on wet. I can pick up surface reflections later. I added some weathered pallets. The toe of the pale figure’s shoe is visible. He is strolling, idling.

The faces are from theater masks. I have no idea where I got the image, but I am fairly sure they are Japanese Noh theater masks in the finished painting in Figure 3.

$90,000, negotiable. Ask about our 99.5%-off sale. Will trade for a kayak.

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