Steampunk Noh Masks


This is not a traditional interpretation, not to be valued as such. I am playing with a visual interpretation. There are more of these programs (this is from a Midjourney session) . Over time, there will emerge some sort of hyperbolic glow of certain trends in rendering. The natural language will have a statistical evolution that would be very curios to me indeed. I am interested in word and phrase frequency distributions of the prompts. This is the common clay of an artistic revolution, but it is not human.

I have been watching the avid freak out video clips of melting faces and nightmarish phantasmagoria, and, really, I don’t find it comfortable. The persistence of an image, for me, or a conveyance of time, is essential. I want people to look at the image at least for a few seconds, like five.

I am not that familiar with contemporary art. My paintings are struggles. There are journeys inside of many of them. I like these programs for surprising me.

Happy Dog Day

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