Banana Run 2022

Filmed at the Wildcats stadium in Latrobe, PA, the same small town stadium that gave birth to professional football. So, if you like that sort of thing, you football likers, this is the field of dreams.

Someone gave a guy a few clams to win a local game, and now we do weird things with ranch dressing, as a nation.

Footage from the 2022 Banana Run

Next year, I hope to provide a bunch of footage of the lead pack. This footage was taken after I ran it myself, retrieved my gear and started filming in the hot sun, still drenched with sweat. It was an easy course, though. I saw people from 1 to 70+ out there, a real good time.

This run was part of the Great American Banana Split Festival. I went to the Latrobe Art Center for linguini antipasto and a grapefruit seltzer. I gotta lose some stones, so I am limiting sweets.

Old Guy in a Cotton Shirt Way Outta Shape

Six years in the unmaking since my last race, this was painful. Twenty pounds heavier sounds awful at 6 mph, like a dying animal. This race will shed these scales from me.

I ran a 31:30 something 5K, at age 51. That was the slowest time I have ever recorded, my best just over 18 minutes at a small town race on grass and flat trail in WV ten years ago. I can still run. I can still improve, by gum!

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