Merry Godzilla

From my Godzilla to yours, Merry Godzilla, everyone!

EDIT: Immediately after I posted this, my cat chases a bird up from the basement. We are dumbfounded. The bird is hitting the mirror, windows. It cracks a window.

Everyone, even the cat, ran into a bedroom. I shut all the doors, donned two Christmas stockings like oven mitts, picked up a blanket and used it to flank and corral the bird back downstairs to the kitchen where I had the door propped open. It is 20 degrees outside, the warmest it’s been in two days.

I think the bird ducked down the chimney to get warm – maybe it lost a nest in a gust of wind, IDK, and got into a pipe that draws air for the furnace. It popped out of that hole and flew around the house. It might have ended up in the cat’s mouth, a first for this indoor variety. Like I said, when it started whizzing through the rooms, the cat freaked out.

Le Basement Hole
Le Chimney Hole

Happened right after I decided to wish everyone a Merry Godzilla with a series of images that tell a story.

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