How To Boil an Egg


In order to boil an egg, you will need:

  • ·         An egg
  • ·         A heat source, such as a fire, or range top stove – gas or electric, never microwave an egg because it will explode like a bomb
  • ·         A small saucepan (1 qt.)
  • ·         Water
  • ·         Tsp. of salt

Once you have assembled the required elements, place the egg into pan, add enough water to cover the egg, add salt, and bring the water to a boil. Time may vary according to temperature of heat source, but it usually takes two to four minutes.

 Boil the egg for approximately 12 minutes, or until eggshell cracks.

Egg is boiled.

It is recommended that the egg be allowed to cool before it is peeled for consumption. The salt allows the egg to be easily peeled. At this point, the egg may either be eaten, brined, or pickled. Remember to refrigerate egg if it is not to be eaten within 20 minutes. Unpeeled, an egg may last up to two weeks refrigerated at 43F or below. 

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