Mental Health and Obedience, Is It the Same Thing?

People used to associate mental illness with a hardcore stigma. Today, not so much. After all, we have pills we can feed people to turn them into drooling, compliant sacks of meat. Is this the best we can do, America? Is there any difference between compliance and sanity? What choices do people with mental illness have, anyways? Is obedience a trait of a healthy mind? Corporate America prizes compliance, but is it worth the price?

Why have we failed our wild side?

For more information about personalizing mental health options, please visit the National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy:

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  Through the lens of individuals at various stages of their mental health story, HEALING VOICES will investigate topics including the stigma of psychiatric diagnoses, the role of trauma, pharmacology, alternatives to the Western one-size-fits-all medical model, and the power of storytelling in recovery.

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