Westboro Baptist Church Likes to Protest and Sue

Westboro Baptist Church is extremely provocative. Their brand of vicious hatred is so flat and crazed it’s practically a black hole, featureless save for venomous gravity sucking people’s utter revulsion and shock toward them, and with every fight, every destructive act against them, Phelps (disbarred from practice in Federal courts and the state of Kansas) and his nasty posse of well-traveled turdlings rack up another lawsuit. They are suing the gay out people. Most of the Phelps family members are lawyers. It’ seemed weird at first, but now it makes their cartoon hatred of homosexuality make perfect sense. They encourage your hatred.  Some of the family members work in Kansas in the judicial system. That’s right, these are some motherfucking scorpions. They love persecution, especially when given the chance to prove their persecution. Money, money, money.

Christianity has its martyrs, and all the Saints, the leaders, were for the most part seeking social justice, with the exception of Calvin. He wanted people punished on earth.  They wanted sick people healed. They wanted the poor fed. They wanted people to accept and hold onto one another, and understand the eternal connection life has to indomitable spirit. Westboro lawyers can’t really represent anyone else if they’re already gay, can they? Everyone is gay except the Westboro Baptist Church folks. They’re so exclusive.

So be it. I accept the burden. With a heavy sigh, I confess: My entire family and my world is gay. My photo albums feature gay pets. But my cats were killed by gay dogs that ran away in the gay woods. My house isn’t gay, but more than likely the people who built it were gay, because they didn’t go to Westboro Baptist. Shame, really. I’d have it blessed, but all the priests are gay.


I think people should show up at their events and totally outgay their rally. Infiltrate with gay signs, hand out gay cookies, kiss, hug, sing patriotic songs, blow bubbles and play twister. Wear a dildo on your forehead and go as a gay unicorn. Wear a unitard, and be unigay. Host a gay wedding ceremony inside their event to infect their gay minds with eternal perverisitationeltatin’ and so on. You have to do whatever they do, and whatever they do is legal. They get representation from the American Civil Liberties Union. That’s right, they are protected and have the liberty to conduct their protests from 150 feet of a funeral ceremony. Join them. Ghandi said to be the change you wanted to see. I’m asking you to be the gay they don’t want to see.

Fine, whatever they can do, anyone else can do. Hold up signs supporting gays, supporting the dead 6 year old kids and their families, the people who Westboro Baptist Church are using as ammunition against civilization. They use pain, and other people’s hatred a way to create even more hatred. Truly, truly abominable. Outgay the gayness.

If you are attending a funeral in Sandy Hook for those poor people, I know you feel awful. I wish I could do something to make it better. All I can do is offer you to share your grief with me. It’s okay. I can be here for you. The weight of your loss is so heavy.

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