Mission Statement

Dear friends and readers,

I hate Alzheimer’s Disease. I worked for many years in nursing homes and have seen first hand what damage the disease does to individuals, families, and caregivers. To see someone slip away in the grip of the disease is tragic, and it causes me to often think about people who’ve  come undone who I cared for and comforted. It makes me wonder about the nature of identity, about the utterly fragile phenomena of being alive, conscious, and sentient, knowing who one is in a known environment.

A good attitude will get you far, and I’ve seen people who have had their light extinguished go slowly by mere degrees and I’ve seen them go quickly, in ungainly descents that happen suddenly. I’ve seen people with positive attitudes outlast their bodies. It’s like their meager portion of flesh couldn’t house their spirit. Despite the disease, to the end, they could still have smiling eyes, and trust people to care.

If you know someone who works in healthcare and cares for people with degenerative neurological conditions, then you’re a lucky person. If you have been able to comfort someone suffering, whether they be a patient or a loved one close to a patient, or even a crestfallen healthcare professional, then remember to give them a kind word, maybe a hug or two. Sometimes a small gesture of kindness is all it takes to sustain an entire network of caring individuals, and sooner or later, this devotion towards seeing people through the struggle against Alzheimer’s Disease will result in a cure.

I hope it’s sooner than later.

Please donate and support the end of Alzheimer’s Disease

Last year I was the lead runner in the Pittsburgh marathon for the Alz Stars, one of 32 runners who competed in the event, which is held annually in May. If I reach my goal, I get to put on the Alz Stars colors and run for them. If you move forward with an effort, so will I, and I’ll be doing it because I know I’ll help defeat this disease.

Thank you. I’ll post once a month to let everyone know where I’m at with the donation. Right now, I have achieved $00.00 of my goal of $1,000.00

One Reply to “Mission Statement”

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