Janathon: Day 8

I took a short run across town, across the bridge to the cliff along SR 88 and back. Two miles of tired. I ran without a headlamp really slow. Cold, but good cold, maybe 24F. It had been a pretty rough day.

My kids’ day care was destroyed by a burst pipe in the ceiling. The drop ceiling collapsed, water sprayed out on the walls, filled the rooms with five inches of polar vortex water. Let the association be forever married. My kid’s cubby was trashed. They lost decoratives, calendars, puzzles, coloring books, and other paper craft. The day care yesterday morning:

Pipe burst during polar vortex, destroying my boys’ Pennsylvania daycare.

Suddenly my ability to hold a job depends on whether or not I can find a babysitter. I’m not from this place, so I don’t trust anyoen. My neighbor helped me reshod a baby foot waiting on the bus this morning while we waited to board the children upon the cheesemobile. That small gesture restored my faith in humanity. At least his humanity. Small acts of kindness are enduring reminders of the goodness inherent in people. And small runs speak volumes about the potential explorable in ultras, in Janathon. Thank goodness I have a reliable stress reliever.

A couple of miles, then a long, deep sleep. The weather improves…I got a Garmin…I got new shoes. Onward, and together we go.

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