[insert random picture of red silhouettes]
 I got a Garmin. I decided to try it out today. I did a baby 3.5 mile run on my lunch break.”Gonna go grab some lunch,” I said before trotting outside in the slushy snow, 27F, and ran until the backs of my legs and shirt were muddy. Yikes!

But wait. I also got new shoes, my third pair of Brooks Connect, this time safety orange. A florescent safety orange.

My evening eight-mile run was pretty hardcore. I had lots of hills and fast intervals, so I’m calling it a fartlek..

I don’t have pictures of my night run over hills in light rain at 33F, so just imagine it if you can. My bronchitis is gone.

Someone knocked me out of first place in Janathon today. I halved the distance between us, and tomorrow I’ll try to catch him.

I had a couple of awesome runs today. Seventy-six miles to the better, but I’m now a second place laggard. Someone joined who runs, it seems, like about 16 miles a day. I dread competing with this lunatic, but someone has to do it.

http://www.runningfreeonline.com/Groups/Totals/GroupName/Janathon To track me if you’re so inclined Happy running!