Janathon: Day 24 – Taper

I ran out of the house at 8 pm wearing zero technical gear. I kept waiting for a GPS signal, 15F outside, then ran off without it. I cruised a slow run across the bridge, took a tiny detour along the river to run by a massive pallet/junk fire from a building site. The wind was biting me bad, my cough was surfacing, so I turned in early. I slept nine hours, about twice as much as I’d gotten the night before. Just exhaused, with a huge run in store for Saturday, most of it through new territory. Need sleep. The run is in a freaking snowstorm, against the wind, for at least four hellish hours.

I was able to identify the dog-like creature I saw in the treetops along a creek feeding the Mon river. It had really spooked me me. I didn’t know if I was hallucinating, It was a fisher, a creature that’s something like a wolverine. I asked people at work and a couple of people said it was that. 



The dog-like creature I saw in the trees Wednesday, I was told,  was a “fisher”.

I heard they can be tamed. A resident at a local nursing home used to take visits from his wife and pet fisher, which, when it rose up on its hind claws to hug you, stood four feet tall. It would lay atop the old guy in his bed like a blanket. Apparently it was a very adorable. 

Wild animals I’ve seen since moving here to Pennsylvania: deer, squirrel, fox, 13-lined ground squirrel, bear, beaver, raccoon, mole, vorcet, groundhog (I had a mom and her pup in my yard until neighbor’s cat ran off with the pup in its mouth – I saw the struggle, so horrible), mink, all manner of duck and geese and bazillion birds, Eastern black racer (snake), and a ringtail (snake). I’ve seen a fisher before, out in West Virginia, I thought it was a mutant beaver. 

I grew up in Atlanta, about a 14 hour drive south of here. I never encountered many critters down there. 

I got 3.8 miles, I drop to second place. Pressure’s off, yay!

Janathon monthly miles: 241


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