Janathon: Day 26 – Recovery

ImageI went on a baby run this afternoon to shake the blues out of my knees after yesterday’s colossal adventure. Knee was bothering me, but it didn’t open up. After the run I discarded the bandage. I read it some some social criticism regarding the need for communities to develop their own complex forms of organization to obtain and sustain resources. My knee loved it. I thought it was rather boring. I invited the knee to nap with me and the baby. It refused. I went ahead and napped without it, despite its protests, which were weaker when I awoke, but not entirely gone.

I had a nice day. We got another four inches of snow. After dinner I went out for a long run. The snow was lit by starlight. I saw a doe with three fawns negotiate the clover of a highway. Thankfully they made it, the smallest straggling behind, kicking playfully in the thick snow. I had to ride a lot of ditches. Bars I passed were full and I was on my guard. I ran plowed roads on the other side of the river. No such luxury in my part of town.

Schools are on delay tomorrow, and closed Tuesday and Wednesday because the polar vortex is returning, worse than before. I’m glad I have a new and better designed home-made snorkel. I can’t believe I just wrote that.

I ran 4.6 and 13.13, so that’s 17.76 miles today

Janathon monthly miles: 285.7

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