Janathon: Day 27 – The Knee Taketh Away / Yeti Demoted

My left knee is injured. Running was hard. I got a short one in during lunch.  In the course of three hours today the temps dropped nearly 30F. My mid-day run sucked so bad! I had to wade through foot-deep snow plow street porridge. Traffic was very heavy.

I took an evening run and screwed up the setting on my Garmin, so I got some of the run, and I missed some parts. I’m too tired to remedy anything. I ran a total of 9.62 miles today. It became much too cold for me and I turned in. Running across deep lots of snow with frozen crust created a sound like I was playing a marimba. And it killed my knee.

And the knee shut down the run. It started to hurt pretty badly. I decided to obey the injury and go home. Also, it was like 4F and my lungs froze. I had an extremely hard time breathing, despite breathing heated air through a snorkel under my parka. Steady pain.

Daily: 9.62

Janathon monthly miles: 295

EDIT: While writing this I started coughing up a bunch of  junk. It came on like a fit. I think I frosted my lungs a bit. I’d say I pushed a few boundaries tonight, because they certainly pushed back. The cold, the injury, the lack of breathable atmosphere, the ice – the bridge was covered with lube. Frozen lube. Sheets of water, puddles, everything was flash frozen. The temps dropped 25 degrees in three hours during the morning hours, and continued to fall through the day.

I contacted a couple of gyms in the area (the closest is 15 miles away). I’m going to use a treadmill, a knee brace and my camera phone to document the runs. I’m not running in anything below 7F again. Even 7F is too cold for me. I’m sure I could acclimate in a few weeks that I don’t have.

When I awoke, my knee felt less painful. Temp outside, -4F. The knee injury is an issue. I need to run 29 more miles in three four days to beat my old record of 323 miles. I’m going to do at least half of them in relative comfort, watching TV, with my sippy. Without frozen nostrils and face. I might even jazzercise. Is there a Janathon category for jazzercise? I’ve always wanted to bust out my jazz hands.

Ruins of neighborhood home circa 1850s
Ruins of neighborhood home circa 1850s

I challenge Bear Grylls to the next Janathon.

Yeti demoted.

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  1. i was trying to think of an appropriate word for the sludge left behind by snowplows–snow plow street porridge is it! it’s the perfect consistency and color.


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