Juneathon 2014 – Day 5

Brownsville, Pennsylvania,  population 2,600.
Brownsville, Pennsylvania, population 2,600.

Beautiful day today. I visited a few tiny villages in the hills during the mid-day, then attended my oldest child’s kindergarten graduation ceremony. Kindergarten graduation ceremonies are awesome, if they’re anything like the one I saw today. Everyone dressed in Hawaiian outfits and sung songs about summer. They did four numbers, with little choreographed gestures, so cute. Then we went to an ice cream parlor and flirted with diabetes. We returned home and my newly minted 1st grader accidentally drop-kicked a ball right into a framed family portrait on the wall, smashing the glass, sending it flying. I spent a good fifteen minutes dabbing every inch of the floor with loops of duct tape to gather up the tiny slivers. Baby likes sparkly things. Baby puts everything in mouth.

After I emerged from my sugar coma, I weighed myself, shuddered, went out for a six mile run, late. I had five good miles, and one in the slop, sugar slop.

Two highlights: a big silly rabbit at mile four, and little girl hanging out in front of police station at three and five. Out of earshot, two officers were having conversation a few feet away from the girl. When I ran back past them about fifteen minutes later, same scene. Everyone waiting outside for someone to show up, probably CYS, protective services. Little girl yelled at me both times I passed her. First time, hi, and a wave, and second time, she remarked, nice headlamp. I said thank you. The cops looked at me like I was an alien when I said hello in passing. If they’d just tap my phone they’d know how boring I was. I wondered why that little girl was shuffling around outside the PD at 11 pm. It felt good to run in the unusually cool night air. The stars shone brilliantly.

I got my six miles in and had a stretch.

Juneathon tally: 31 miles






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