Juneathon 2014 – Night 16: Chopped and Screwed 5K

Continuing in the vein of last night’s codeine-swamped mullet mile, I went for a hot, late-night 3.75 mile run to kick out the DOMS, which are creeping on me hard right now. I feel scraped clean of energy, like an animal pelt divested of hair and fat for tanning.

Running dirty.

I felt much slower than I was. I could smell things on the run. When I crossed and re-crossed the river I could smell moldering vegetation, like old seaweed rotting in port on drying nets. I miss the ocean so badly. Going to OBX in North Carolina next month. I’m going to run the marathon course there, just the course, not the OBX Marathon itself, which is held annually in November. That was my first marathon; I ran a 4hr 30 min race, my slowest ever. I’m going to run a sub 4-hour 43K at dawn. I hope to beat it by at least 45 minutes. Out in the sea air, skin getting tan, leathery, using my brains.

I’m still recovering from bronchitis, but my lungs are not so inflamed and “phlegmsy”. I got your 600 words, Shakespeare. My legs are pink. Some of my toenails are purple. I’m a bruise from the hips down.

My interview went well. I hope I get the job. So, I’m dedicating this song to my mom. I was born and raised in ghettos in Mississippi and Texas before I went to school in Georgia.

I can’t forget the struggle my family had to get out of the ghetto. Poverty tore us apart. I’ll always have an anxiety that I could end up homeless again. I’ll always remember running from people throwing rocks at me, blood pouring from a gash in my temple. Ghetto spirit, activate! Form of… Jim Thorpe’s thighs [zzzzap!]

I once read that a mammal typically has enough brain matter to use to tan its own hide. That’s false. Moose are definitely an exception to the rule. You can tan leather by cleaning it of its hair and fat, washing it in urine and feces, rubbing it with brains. That’s primitive, but it works. Whenever I see people with that tanning bed, high orange, leathery Cheetos glow I think they’ve been swimming in sewage.

I’m just looking for an excuse to post this video [NSFW], but I’m not lying about my ghetto roots.

Juneathon 2014: monthly total miles; 116.8

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