Video Shows Police Brutality at Pride.

I think this needs exposure. This is a problem! Popo punches that girl hard three times in the gut after someone on a megaphone tells the crowd, “she’s going to get arrested.” Apparently, there’s no need to be civil behind the badge in Pittsburgh. That’s not necessary. Things can be handled without violence.

There’s too much violence!

It looks like she dropped to the ground or got pushed to the ground before it happened. You can tell by the shadow, if you watch it, that she was trying to punch him or hit him on the head or face before she hit the ground. He gets her up by the hair and gives her three hard gut punches, real lifters. Maybe things could have been handled differently. I feel bad for the girl, but she deserved to be arrested for smacking the cop

Fuck this guy. I hope someone else got footage.