Panda vs. Robot, oil panting progression

Pulp novel style
panda creep detail
The robot
panda creep
Wasn’t sure how to have them struggling over the case.
panda robot fight
Really wet here. Robot has sprouted appendages. Highlights to finish: field gets dry grass sheen, panda pants rough up, panda gets fine fur highlights, robot gets deeper chrome claws, panda mouth grimace, tiny black shadows on far end of water.

This is basically a warm-up painting. I have been so busy as of late I couldn’t finish up a half dozen pieces I’m working on. Sometimes working with oils means having a lot of wet paintings stacked around the place.

This one is going for $50

I have no clue why the panda person and the robot are struggling, but whatever in the case seems to be of utmost importance to both of them.

The case represents post-modernism, the tree represents death, the car represents birth, and the struggle between the two characters is also bullshit.

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