Poem – My Drone Integration Thesis, My Lunch

The idea

To learn robotics, I learned about drones

Because a learning tool would help me learn,

But with bewildering research I often used phones,

Because face to face meetings made my stomach churn.

The prob

I found an everythingburger

lurking inside,

No one sure of how I could cook it from dried  verdue and manure,

And I searched for constraints to furthere sear its raw sides,

With critical analysis and a zest for parkour.


The everythingburger

It ripped my mind out and stole my hours,

Oh, surely my dish was stove and I clung to flotsam.

I floundered in the kitchen and found new powers,

And with each new day I found more chefs and boun them,

Together, to the line.

The journey begins anew

Together, together on the line

We find that there’s nothing to’t

We struck out to find

A robot gold mine,

But a fool sign read,

We did, “Try again, forsooth”

Is the credo, the Keto, the diet for which we bleed so,

From the night to the noon, from the grave to the moon, we dig,

We fly, here’s mud in your eye.

It is onward and eternal beyond the sheltering sky.

An eternal obscurity

For surely you know it be,

A riddle that carries us

In its arms,

together, to the table of time.


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