Anti-Psychotic Medication and Murder

Chicken and the egg? I’m really interested to know if Adam was being weened off a hardcore anti-depressant routine. It sounds like mom was pretty whacked. Why the hell would she want an assault rifle, anyways? Hint: There’s no reason in Connecticut to have an assault rifle. That’s my answer. This is a really complex subject. I’m not the brightest, so this is my unqualified opinion. It’s all I’ve got, so there. Nyaaa!

And bullshit.


Just another study linking the use of anti-psychotics and smoking-cessation drugs to mass murder and violence. I’m glad i quit smoking, and I did it with no drugs. I just became a runner. I basically survived the withdrawal just fine. I was a jerk, maybe, during the experience, but, babies and cats and fellas and gals and peoples, I just quit. I told my body to just be quiet and deal with it, and I ran, every day. Within a year, I’d not only quit smoking for good – the first time in twenty years I experienced a  6 month period without smoking – but I’d also run a marathon! After a 20 year/ pack-a-day habit.

All smoking-cessation drugs have warning labels associated with violence. So, why do people continue to put faith in these drugs? Is it because we increasingly don’t want people to act different? Is our desire for a homogenized society of our own making, or are we constantly given incentive to just shut up, nod ‘yes’ at every dumb idea we’re expected to embrace, to shy away from controversial topics, to look beyond the conventions we’re asked to “struggle” with? Are we sad because we’re meaningless? And why are ADHD kids given anti-psychotics?  Maybe I’m making more out of this than I should, but I think the APA has a  habit of labeling and excluding different people from an imaginary bell curve of normal behavior. I think it’s pure fantasy conjured by a need people have to classify things out of thin air, to put things into a box and stay hermetically sealed from experience to focus…on doing just that.

ADHD kids act bad. Anti-psychotics calm them down.It’s not about helping kids, it’s about chemically forcing their behavior to fit our educational model, our social constructs. Obedience over education. More and more the anti-psychotic market is expanding to market to other “illnesses”.  Are we going about treating our institutions, or our citizens? Think about it.