Light is Calling

A film exploring the nature of random collisions, directed by Bill Morrison, the director of Decasia.

Music by Michael Gordon

I wonder what my memories will look like in twenty years. The fleeting nature of our lives, the impermanence, sometimes, to me it is too much, and I feel I want to share these moments I have, these years and days and reflections.

Light is pouring in through this decayed film. The more it is exposed to oxygen in the atmosphere, the more it decays. Our bodies, too are affected by nitric oxides which are produced from the reaction of oxygen and nitric acid.

There’s buzz going around about the longevity benefits of nitric oxide supplements. I find it curious that, as these films lose their compounds of nitric oxide, they decay, and age, much in the way the images decay through history. As we pass along through history, younger generations will look through our decayed and distorted perspectivNOS) es to catch a glimpse of what we are.

Hold up. Now we have digital. Uh, disregard everything until the next massive EMP pulse wipes out the memory of your computer. Then refer to preceding statements. At least with decayed celluloid, you are witness to the creeping essence of time itself as it becomes an element of the film. You get to see it as it happens to reflect the play of time upon film as the meaning of the images toys with our memories, our conception of the past.

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