Sonic Boom from Meteor in Russia vs. Unladen Swallow

Sucker was going 18.3 miles per second, about 66,000 miles per hour. If Mach 25 = 16,250 mph, then it was going 4.06 times that. That equals Mach 101, That’s 106,216,704 meters per second. I only mention this because I, I think it would be helpful to be able to understand it in terms of the estimated air speed velocity of an unladen swallow, which is about 11 meters per second (European swallow).

The swallow is able to maintain cruising air speed while traveling 9.6 million times slower, making it much more efficient and graceful. No windows shattering, no thousands injured, everything perfectly legal and decent, right.

And the capitol of Assyria is – BOOOM!
Nyiet BAHT!

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