Juneathon 2014 – Day 13

Friday the 13th, boo. I drove 2.5 hours through a rainstorm, pitched my tent, raced to the lodge in time to get my West Virginia Mountain Trail Runners awesome spaghetti dinner, and had a run (in ten minutes from now). Running for twelve minutes. Approx. 1.5 miles to shake the car blahs out of my ass and thighs.

I’m rocking two cold sores. I look like the Joker.

I’ve got my Highlands Sky 40 miler in the morning, bright and squirrelly at 6 am. Alarm set for 4 am to catch the ride to the starting line. The race is jammed up with newbies this year. Good, I’ll have more company.

Still recovering from the flu thing. I woke up dripping wet with sweat. I had a dream I was at a Chinese restaurant, reached absently for the roll of toilet tissue and – ripping sounds – the walls fell away, made of paper. The reastaurant, from this angle, I could see was made of paper cut-outs, too. The table was on cardboard tubes. The food was paper. The kitchen, chef, everything paper, Joss paper. I was sitting on a Joss toilet in a Joss restaurant, defecating on a funerary effigy of some sort, perched, holy shit I look out and see I’m on a small mountain of effigies, a pyre of offerings to be burnt outside the gates of a beautiful shrine made of mahogany. People are lighting the pyre, the flames are roaring up around me. I wipe my butt with a paper businessman, in shock, people pointing at me. Some kind of voice is whispering reproachfully in the flames.

The fire is speaking to me. The heat is pressing upon me from the slope of myriad items, thousands and thousands of beautifully detailed items.

I’m thinking, what a waste to bring such amazing detail to something to be destroyed. And then, of course, I realized the beauty in it and sat back down on my collapsing toilet and burned to death.

I sweat out a lot cutting grass today. Cut my neighbor’s grass, my grass. My neighbor’s grass was two feet tall – old geezers, what to do. My baby cried his eyes out when I hugged him good-bye this afternoon. I’m running this for him. He gets his race next weekend.

No pics, this old notebook can’t create the driver for the SD card. The lodge had wifi. The place is really snazzy, the two-year construction project really turned out well. Pics tomorrow after I get myself thoroughly tested on a 40 mile, soggy, rocky, mountainous trail run.


[EDIT] : This is the 1.2 miles 


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