This Is the Real Isis

I grew up watching Isis protect the weak. The Isis raging through Iraq is a march of jerks – not that anyone else went through Iraq killing thousands of citizens in cowardly ways.

We need Sherrif Lobo to guard our supply chain, driven by no other than BJ McKaye (and his best friend with no IMDb credits whatsoever) Bear.  But they might need a better rig for this Post-Decider Accomplished Mission. This is the world of the 21st century! So we need truckers, hot chicks, two chimpanzees, Deputy Perkins and, shit, let’s get Bigfoot and his highly truant progeny, Wildboy.

I wonder why oil is because paid thugs running around oil for oil? Maybe, maybe it’s for to be Mockracy for Allah Kaboomistan for to be smash hit song for bird dead no fly. 

Maybe this could spawn a new sequel to the franchise about robots beating each other up while searching for rare elements buried in the earth. The Disruptacons vs. the Autobags! Where the heck isAzteckaiser when you need him? 

Or this douchebag? Whatever his name is.

I mean, haven’t we seen enough bad 1970s TV shows about the battle for oil in the Middle East?




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