Dream – Airline Crash in Camaroon

I had a dream I was a Kenya Airways pilot, en route from Entebbe in Uganda to Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. On my last flight of the day, heading home, we lose engine #2 and suffer damage to the wing. Heavy, too heavy. My plane began losing altitude quickly . Along the coast of Camaroon, I tried to find a place to touch down, but we couldn’t reach Younde. We are buzzing the treetops, and suddenly I begin growing explosively. The front of the plane is torn away, along with my co-pilot and navigator. I’m suddenly 300, then 400 feet tall in nanosecond. I dig my feet into the rough coastline.

The plane begins a yaw roll like a lazy top, and we lose the left wing. The 747 is passing me about sternum-high, I reach out to it. I’m grinding to a halt, like a long-jumper, and I grab for the tiny little plane before it slams into the ground, take a couple of hops to a tiny island, fairly juggling the plane like its a hoagie. The right wing splinters. I catch hold of the plane. It’s missing it’s entire cockpit, and I can hear people screaming inside. I set it down beside a grove of palms on a small rise above the mangroves, and shout, “It is okeh! We ah seff.” I woke up thinking, this demonstrates Einstein’s theory of relativity.

I think I placed the plane on an island south of the bay of Limbe.

Departure of Immigrants, José de Almada Negreiros

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