Janathon: Day 9 and 10

It’s maybe 10F outside. No chance I’m running today. I’m sitting in a sunbeam in my study, like a fat cat, pissed off. I have medical conditions I can’t treat because I don’t have access to medical care any longer. I tried to get some help today but failed, or maybe I didn’t. I’m not really sure.

Yesterday was freezing cold. Today is freezing cold. I can’t take a little baby out in this horrible weather. My oldborn won his basketball play-offs today, will be playing for the championship tomorrow. Team Black vs. Team Blue. At the Prell Bowl. Extra-Strength Tylenol Bowl. The Gold Bong Medicated Foot Powder Bowl with the Preparation H Play of the Day, followingby the Chick-o-Stick Half-Time Report Wrap-Up, featuring gimlets, bloody rags and cursing.

The children are screaming We’re trapped inside again. I woke up and noticed it was zero degrees. I’m done with Janathon today. I’m not through with running, just this impossible schedule. If I had money I’d join a gym or something, an elusive lifestyle choice I lost when I moved here to help care for a sick relative. I was getting ready to coach youth soccer, but I can’t do that if I’m doing dumb service work in the evening. I feel completely cheated and depressed. Tomorrow the weather gets above 15F. I’ll be able to run, but not much. I’ll have to start over again. Again.

On the bright side


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