A 3-Day Journey to Create a Mostly Trochaic Sonnet: “Ultraridiculously Quatorzian Corndog-Tainted Zanshin Lifestyle Choices”

This is a free write that results in the poem which closes this entry. This exercise is aimed at producing a sonnet. The process is explored explicitly.  It became framed around a few words that WordPress does not officially recognize. These are scientific terms, descriptive terms, terms I use and understand, but here, on this platform, they were unknown. I found them a home, against their will of fourteen lines octometer, mostly trochaic, but with a dash of iambic, dactyl and amphibrachic.

You don’t get all the keys to the castle right away, but if you are pressed for time, scroll to the big purple words towards the end of this entry. Cheers. If you want to understand the process by which this poem arose in me brains over the weekend of a lunar eclipse, and hopefully kicks off the 18 year cycle ahead with good tidings and whatnot, then dig into my tea leaves and use this musical accompaniment to give yourself some airy headspace wherein your thoughts may gather lightly and flourish, and whatnot.  If you would like something less grandpa, then try this: Spotify grunge, garage, punk and screaming.

The entry is broken into five parts:

  1. Free write
  2. Analysis
  3. Writing the first draft
  4. Finished sonnet
  5. Further Analysis

Part 1: Free write

A one-hour timed exercise, with criticism added after analysis.


Splitting is the habit of thinking in terms of all or nothing terms. It simply is, or it is not, in terms of absolutes. Splitting is like integers trying to handle irrational quantities. Splitting is like negentropic mental heat death spent in imagining infinite regression of asymptotic nearness of one arbitrary measurement to another. If you increase or decrease scale of Cartesian reference points in a graph, then the appearance no longer makes sense or provides “reference” inherent in “fixed points”. If you have a thermometer to measure such thought, it would always be indicating the lowest or highest value, infinities. When one gets down into subatomic particles, no matter particle or size, there is no infinitely fixed reference, no absolute reference. One gets down into subatomic particles.  Everything drifts a bit. Endless toroidal hamster wheels spinning because they house infinity hamsters.

Words from previous paragraph which WordPress rejects: negentropic, toroidal 

Zen is rad, Indeterminism is a roll of the dice

Somewhere dithering between light and dark, yes and no, right and wrong, positive and negative, and other logical bistables, we have hyperbole, meager differences, grey areas, and indeterminism. If  Zen is introduced, it is possible to accept that differences in the mind are intertwined in real life. Zen is introduced by a nice couple from South Hills. Zen is, by necessity, the very opposite of Zen.  Zen is living in the moment in a relaxed, knowing way that allows for one to be in harmony with one’s goals and activity. I often experience Zen while writing, painting, tinkering with electronics, or doing the dishes. It is an experiential expression of philosophy. With Zen, the union of opposites is at once paradoxical and absurd, because they are all abstractions from something which is unified and stable. Returning to the thermometer metaphor, Zen is the place where temperature can be experienced. It is also anywhere and nowhere, because the metaphor has no vibrating parts, and one is merely contemplating an evocative subjective construct of a thermometer, possibly one made out of bananas, silk, and monkey screams. It is in this unknown, and seemingly nonsensical breakdown of categorical definitions that Zen emerges as a name for amorphous states which are unable to be exorcised into categorical, discrete concepts with defined differences.  Zen causes one to abandon thought and examine the quintessence of what is abandoned by words, difference, or other forms of territorialization of thought, and just focus on breathing and tasks at hand in the living world. Indeterminism is sort of wishy-washy movement between Zen and splitting. It’s always a ‘grey area’. The exact location of an electron at any given time, for example, is always vague and inaccurate to a degree. Some things are never exact. Who let indeterminism in? Goblins, knaves, children, biscuit shrimp. Nothing is perfectly symmetrical at some point. Hypothetically. Agnostics would hold that people are always trying to discover the ultimate meaning of things, and yet they fall short, sacred apologists – but don’t freak out about it. Everyone experiences. Some ethical decisions that you make cause the Reason-o-meter to get hot and cold at the same time. I illustrate this by relating Einstein’s quandary about WWII. Einstein did not think war was good. He did not like Nazis one bit. He was Jewish. His displeasure with war, its rootless aggression and murder is a sentiment shared by most people, and that is why we persist, this shared antipathy towards, and dread of war. However, he knew that his knowledge of atomic forces, weaponized to create atomic bombs, would help stop the Nazis. He had to choose between idealism, and pragmatism. To say atomic weapons were completely good or bad, all or nothing, was impossible. How was it that these forces were set into motion, that they should be decided by wizards like Einstein, demons like Hitler? It’s hard to say. It’s harder still to think of people who participated how this happened somewhat randomly, like this blog entry, which is less a piece of art, and more like a journey. Gravity’s rainbow. As I dig into this poem-creation, I research, double back, search, inquire and take readings of different ideas, to see which ones are fiery and illuminating. Some lives, like these ideas, are on earth snuffed out by no reason. It is difficult to imagine reason existing in all things. Meteors exploding in the atmosphere, interstellar alien space sail fragments floating through the solar system, the meaning of life, sheep entrails contemplated by bejeweled shaman indeterminate and ripe with stank and cray. The breeze that washes over you. From where did that energy emerge? That atom on your nose, the one that fell from space and landed on you. From which star or plasma string was it made? Through how many bodies did the nitrogen in your blood course before working through your tissues? So, if confronted with choices, what harm, in the “grand scheme of things”, is there in sometimes just rolling the dice and letting things just happen with the very lightest of touches. If you have ever gotten into your car and driven somewhere, anywhere, just to go, to do something spontaneously, or possibly worked in improv, a jazz trio, or painted on horseback, then your efforts are indeterminate. No one knows for sure what is true and purposeful, and what is randomly agitating the production. Perhaps free will is just imagined, or perhaps it is here, in response to such chance and unanticipated stresses of life, that we grow, and develop as a species. The last half of this paragraph, this very one, was robbed of more words that WordPress would have rejected, but because this has been heavily edited, I closed the gate on the stabled sixteen words used for the upcoming poem, on purpose, so, some idea that you know why I write this will never, ever be known, especially by you, and especially by me, because I lose a part of this work by doing this. You have been cheated of a purely spontaneous free write experience, but I needed to correct some verb disagreements and lower case “i” issues.  Also, this paragraph is crazy long to make it difficult for you to hold everything together. You are forced to let go of some of the stuff you read. It has lost a degree of authenticity. It’s now buried in your subconscious mind. I give you the gift of saturation, of surrealism.

Words from previous paragraph which WordPress rejects: bistables, indeterminism

Jingoism, chauvinism, nationalism, and xenophobia build upon the retextualization of our global feudal state. At present, with instantaneous global communication and telepresence, the ability to experience sensation from another place and – because of lag past time instead of present time, if you want to measure the difference in terms of femtoseconds and such – time, although not perfectly parallel, can be thought of as a type of multiverse. WIFI 6, the new type of ultraridiculously fast wave forms that carry our information, can be broken with Lagrangian points coming from wave interference, seemingly magnetic little bunches of wavicles pouring out of the emergent field of quantum foam and spintronics that accommodate our most meager and fleeting quantities. Things too small. Things too fast, things too big. Things too varied. Things in relation to other things in such an asymmetric way that a generalized image cannot capture it in a manner that makes sense in a flat surface, normalized and tidy, upon a surface where X-values and Y-values have the same scale. Infinitely fast movement over short distances. Allegro crack from Jupiter in an espresso. Incredibly small vibrations weathering a beryllium crystal for billions of years. Rotating a thermometer fifteen feet long once every three trillion years.

How many hot dogs are needed to be placed end-to-end to make a parsec? 6.58526^ 18 hot dogs providing the hot dogs are 8″ long. Bust out some 60-sigma. The number of mustard seeds needed to dress the bridge in a one-seed layer of yellow armor. The average luminosity of a rope of mustard six mm long, taken from every sample available, for the next fifteen years.  The number of pascals and Henries, Hamiltonian gruels and Lorentzian twistiness, the magnetic shagginess and dark matter butter melting in the absolute zero of deep space (actually 2.7 Kelvin or something, not even zero), which, as we now, is full of hydrocarbons and space dust, occasionally connected by indescribably thin and extremely hot strands of plasma. This paragraph is not edited. It is pure. [edited three years later to determine the number of hot dogs = 1 parsec. Seriously, I have insomnia].

Words from previous paragraph which WordPress rejects: retextualization, telepresence, femtoseconds, ultraridiculously, wavicles, spintronics, Henries, gruels, Lorentzian, twistiness

Where supposedly vast distances and extremely cold temperatures exist, there also exists the hottest temperatures, in the void of interstellar space. The difference between Baryonic plasma and space plasma must be noted. A difference exists because…no one knows that, either. Baryonic plasma is mechanical and local. Astronomical (space) plasma is non-local and deeply distant from galaxies. It has only recently become apparent to astrophysicists that Dark Matter and Dark Energy exist, and in asymmetrically abundant quantities of such magnitude that it makes “imagining” the difference to be ludicrous, possibly painful to our squishy primate brains. But, what of systems within local celestial bodies where gravity, density, and thermal decay happen rapidly to massive things with lots of interacting gravity , where things we can see and perceive with our senses happen, things we can agree upon that are real? Shiny stuff that endures. These things are tied to our relative values. This is still quantum, but is not thought to be quantum, but rather, mechanical. In the scale of our machines, our artifice. Free write is finished now.

Word from previous paragraph which WordPress rejects: Baryonic

Part 2: Analysis

Fifteen orphaned words arranged into a quatorzian* poem – definition of a sonnet. This section explores the meaning and lyrical qualities of the words. The words are grouped into sets. A passage of Shakespeare is given to illustrate the odd rhythm of a trochaic sonnet. Iambic is easy. Some contrivance are considered for use, eventually abandoned by Part 4: The Finished Sonnet. My mind inveigles me along many thematic paths, and most of them are abandoned, but the memory of their structures possibly shadow what remains. These create an undercurrent to the sonnet which makes its mystery more complex.

*also rejected

The order of rhymes be they Italian, Shakespearean, Spenserian, or otherwise, are of my choice. I choose a plain old English sonnet. [I cannot believe I am proofreading this 02/19/21]

ABAB CDCD, EFEF, GG – structure, very simple, can be thought of as lyrical elements.

The words to use

  1. baryonic    ADJECTIVE  – pertaining to nucleons and hyperons, things both fermionic and hadronic at the same time, three quarks, going hard in the paint.  Trochaic dimeter, with stress on the first and third syllables , repeated twice (4 syllables) S – w – S – w
  2. retextualization    NOUN – process of reducing something to comparatively different text than it was originally different rendered. Iambic dimeter-amphimacer coda, complete (6 syllables) S – w – S -w – S – w 
  3. telepresence    NOUN – tech that lets you feel as if you were somewhere(s) where your body is not. Trochaic dimeter, with stress on first and third (4 syllables) S – w – S – w
  4. femtoseconds    NOUN – one quadrillionth of a second 1/1,000,000,000,000,000 s (millionth of a billionth). Trochaic dimeter, with stress on first and third (4 syllables) S – w – S – w
  5. ultraridiculously   ADVERB – a degree of absurdity which is beyond ridiculous, possibly crunchy and plaid. Bonkers meter, trochaic-iambic-amphibrach with a stressed first, fourth and sixth syllables of seven (7 syllables) S – w – w – S – w – w – S – w… The Guahibo allow such a mismatch, so I’m calling it a Guahibo meter
  6. wavicles    NOUN – something that acts like a wave and/or a particle. Dactyl with one stressed, two unstressed syllables, off-balance (3 syllables) S – w – w
  7. spintronics    NOUN – Spin electronics, pertaining to both the electric charge and magnetic moment of behaviors within solid state components. Amphibrach with two unstressed splits by stressed (3 syllables) w – S – w
  8. Henries    NOUN – Derived unit of electrical inductance, kg⋅m2⋅s−2⋅A−2. Trochaic monometer (2 syllables) S – w
  9. gruels    NOUN – thin, bland soups of little nutritional and flavor value. Trochaic monometer (2 syllables) S – w
  10. Lorentzian      ADJECTIVE – Lorentzian distribution, sometimes known as Cauchy distribution, is a sort of collision. Check out Gull’s Lighthouse problem to make it weirder. Kind of weird, looks like this. Relates to intensities of radiation, and inverse square laws of gravity, like a ball dropped onto a drum skinned with a sheet of stretchy nylon. Iambic dimeter  with the second and fourth syllables stressed (4 syllables) w – S – w – S
  11. twistiness    ADJECTIVE – degree or state of being twisty, sinuous, or tortured in form. Dactylic with one stressed, two unstressed syllables, off-balance (3 syllables) S – w – w
  12. negentropic    ADJECTIVE – characteristic of the measurements of distances to normality. Trochaic dimeter, with stress on the first and third syllables , repeated twice(4 syllables) S – w – S – w
  13. toroidal    ADJECTIVE – Like a torus, donut shaped. Preferred amphibrach with two unstressed syllables, off-balance (3 syllables) w – S – w
  14. bistables    NOUN – Two things that form a logical axiom: On and Off. Dactyl with one stressed, two unstressed syllables, off-balance (3 syllables) S – w – w
  15. indeterminism    NOUN – Not able to be crisply defined. trochaic trimeter, complete (6 syllables) S – w – S -w – S :

Meters the same:

  • Dactyls:  bistables, wavicles
  • Trochaic trimeter: indeterminism
  • Trochaic dimeter: negentropic, telepresence, femtoseconds, Baryonic
  • Trochaic monometer: gruels, Henries
  • Amphibrach: toroidal, spintronics
  • Iambic dimeter: Lorentzian
  • Iambic dimeter-amphibrach: retextualization
  • Trochaic-iambic-amphibrach: ultraridiculously

Syllable count of meter list

3,3,6,4,4,4,4,2,2,3,3,4,7 for a total of 49 syllables.

Throw in some bat wing and cray

So, if a standard Shakespearean sonnet is fifteen lines of iambic pentameter, and it has 150 syllables, we want to go with MacBeth to capture the Trochaic heaviness of my orphaned words. MacBeth squandered his kingdom on his kids, and they fought and were mean and stuff. It’s apropos that I am writing this in a new Saros cycle, a lunar cycle that lines the sun, earth and moon up on a single line, every 18 years, 11 days and 8 hours.

Scale of dragon, tooth of wolf,
Witches’ mummy, maw and gulf
Of the ravin’d salt-sea shark,
Root of hemlock digg’d i’ the dark,
Liver of blaspheming Jew,
Gall of goat, and slips of yew
Silver’d in the moon’s eclipse,
Nose of Turk and Tartar’s lips,
Finger of birth-strangled babe (30)
Ditch-deliver’d by a drab,
Make the gruel thick and slab:
Add thereto a tiger’s chaudron,
For the ingredients of our cauldron.

(Macbeth, 4.1.27), Third Witch

Macbeth was a turdling. It’s only fitting he hung out with witches. Lots of animals in that passage. Animals represent baser, mindless impulses in the Great Chain of Being cosmologies. So, obviously, this soup they are whipping up is probably good for leg day. I should throw in lots of animals, maybe some mentions of groups of people who are currently trying to survive hard times, especially because of our current administration’s seeming chaotic and uninformed proclivities. It creates hard times. It sows chaos. I choose Kurdish people, Americans, Guatemalans, Cree, and sea nomads, an old stand-by. I choose Cree because I need to allude to an unnamed island in James Bay, Canada, in the Nunavut region, an area the size of Mexico inhabited by only 35,000, a third of them on Baffin Island. Places that seem mysterious, desolate, and brutal to me.

[Edit: the cultural groups were basically all abandoned, and the voice is shifted to that of a weathered old curious hipster, a despised version of myself. It’s me as a diminished being, a homunculus.]

Add Lapis Specularis to make it cleverly visible

Okay, to recap: 1) Zen,  2) splitting or “all-or-nothing” difference generation, AND 3) indeterminate thought are different ways to consider differences and features and concepts. One admits a triskelion: the inclusion of the self as a bother, the next as both a necessity and critical reference point, and the third is a weird carelessness and inconsistency. Run, wail, and run.

These are feature representations. Splitting creates all or nothing “outside”, Zen is the dithering border something and its opposite, a doorway, an emptiness, and, finally, indeterminism is the grey weirdness of our endless search and strange harbors of thought, tangled up in chance and moving seemingly without our ego, except when we intentionally choose chance and chaos to make things spicy, and we do that. We do, maybe. If I were to stack the three as S – w – S, we have an amphimacer, the opposite of an amphibrach. Amphimacers are sometimes just called a Cretic. Charlie Chan. Peter Pan. Grecian urn. They sound the same. When you recite in a large hall, you have to deal with the echo of your voice. Think about that.

The glasses were expected, but didn’t make this party because Nicholas Cage is just too incandescent for this work. The glass is used in the movie National Treasure – in a pair of spectacles to read hidden symbols of a map. Abandoned, didn’t make this party. Okay, onward.

Part 3: Writing the first draft

3 , 3, 3, 6, 4, 4, 4, 4, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 8, 7 – Fifteen unctuous orphans left to fend for themselves. Here they be, trotted out like cattle at auction. They are units in a syllabary, their gait and hide prodded and ogled by my invisible audience.

Dactyls:  bistables, wavicles, twistiness 9

Trochaic trimeter: indeterminism 6

Trochaic dimeter: negentropic, telepresence, femtoseconds, Baryonic 16 /

Trochaic monometer: gruels, Henries 4

Amphibrach: toroidal, spintronics, 6

Iambic dimeter: Lorentzian 4

Iambic quatrometer? retextualization 8

Trochaic-iambic-amphibrach: ultraridiculously 7

And now I think I know what this poem is supposed to do if I want to turn it into a fourteen-line sonnet.


Fourteen lines + Fifteen for title

Trochaic AB

Trochaic AB

Trochaic CD

Trochaic CD

Dactic EF

Iambic FE

Amphibrach G

Amphibrach G

I’m also going to throw amphimacer into the Iambic stanza so I can create a dramatic switch in the content, and then drive it home with the amphibrachs.

Doing something, American, cavalier, Zen AB

negentropic, baryonic 1, 2

Doing something, Guatemalan, pragmatic, Zen AB

telepresence, femtoseconds  3, 4

Witches, goblins, doorways, splitting, scuba, CD

gruels, Henries 5, 6 

Bats, betrayal, illusions, kung Fu, limos CD

indeterminism 7

Dice, tea leaves, guts in the ground, robots EF dactyl

bistables, wavicles , twistiness 8, 9, 10

Grunting cats, embroidery, dance tunes, Saturday night EF iambic

 Lorentzian, retextualization 11, 12

Fake books and sunglasses, lapis specularis G 

spintronics 13

Diaspora, Cree booth in a flea market, thrift store treasure G

toroidal 14

Okay…Jesus god this is so ULTRARIDICULOUS 15

Writing the first draft: “Hydrodynamic torsion fields and tuples make cornbread in fifteen dimensions”: the rehearsal, opa!

This is a secession from romantic flow. Imagine a sonnet as shrapnel. This portion of the exercise is a reconstruction of the lines of the sonnet. We have a basic function or action, the ethnocentric tone, orphan word used as organs in alien body, and the rhyming structure, e.g. AB or CD.

  • Doing something, American, cavalier, Zen , A

Sipping coffee down in Soho, NEGENTROPIC poems blaring.

  • Ocotometer, 16 feet, doing something, American, cavalier, Zen, B

Exiles of hipster enclaves, BARYONIC truthful duckspeak 1,2

  • #Doing something, Guatemalan, pragmatic, Zen, A and so on…

Lacking helpful TELEPRESENCE, crossing borders, rarely sleeping. 

FEMTOSECONDS frame the sojourns silent gloaming streetlights all week  3,4

  • Witches, goblins, doorways, splitting, scuba, CD

GRUELS and nail stew soothe the cracked lips, HENRIES, Nancies, masks of  scuba.

Market trash fills backpacks saddling bookless TOROIDAL fey crosstalk 5, 6, 7

  • Bats, betrayal, illusions, kung Fu, limos CD

Rootless INDETERMINISM, dice rolls, tea leaves boiled with kusa! 8

(My first impression -Wise old drama Brahmans write for masses, message works like airlocks)

  • Dice, tea leaves, guts in the ground, robots EF dactyl

Trivial TWISTINESS portends grotesquely dignified BISTABLES labyrinths. 9, 10

Sometimes left, sometime right,  swept up by WAVICLES improvised 11

  • Grunting cats, embroidery, dance tunes, Saturday night EF iambic

 To nullify the path LORENTZIAN as mirrored hyacinths. 12

If “yes” , RETEXTUALIZATION switches, then “no” or “neither” reprises 13

  • Fake books and sunglasses, lapis Specularis G 

The same end. In lab test SPINTRONICS like vintage Marchese to pleases low powers 14

  • Diaspora, Cree booth in a flea market, thrift store treasure G

( My second impression –The yin and the yang are merging, like babies in woodlands, become us, all mouth and no trousers)

Okay, final form. Something about choices being meaningless when the range of them is reduced. Kafka would be proud.

Decided upon octometer with the completion of the first line.

Part 4: Finished sonnet

“Ultraridiculously quatorzian corndog-tainted zanshin lifestyle choices”

– a Labyrinthine Sonnet

Sipping coffee down in Soho, negentropic poems blaring.

Exiles of hipster enclaves, baryonic truthful duckspeak.

 Lacking helpful telepresence, crossing borders, rarely sleeping. 

Femtoseconds frame the sojourns silent gloaming streetlights all week.  

 Gruels and nail stew soothe the cracked lips, Henries, Nancies masks of scuba.

 Market trash fills backpacks saddling bookless  kung Fu aimless crosstalk: 

Rootless indeterminism, dice rolls, tea leaves boiled with kusa!

Wise old drama Brahmans write for masses, lyrics works like airlocks. 

Trivial twistiness portends the grotesquely dignified bistables labyrinth:

Sometimes left, sometime right,  swept up by wavicles to arrive,

To nullify the path Lorentzian as mirrored hyacinths.

Logical retextualization has three surprises,

With maybe. In lab tests, spintronics, like vintage Marchese, so favors low powers 

That yin and the yang are merging, like babies in woodlands, become us, all mouth and no trousers. 

In Japanese:















In Thai:


เนรเทศของวงล้อมทันสมัยฮิปสเตอร์เป็ด baryonic จริง


Femtoseconds วางกรอบการพักแรมในถนนที่มืดมิดตลอดสัปดาห์

Gruels และสตูว์เล็บช่วยบรรเทาริมฝีปากที่แตก, Henries, หน้ากาก Nancies ของสกูบา

ถังขยะในตลาดเติมเป้สะพายหลัง saddling bookless kung fun crosstalk ไร้จุดหมาย

ไม่ทราบแน่ชัดรูทม้วนลูกเต๋าใบชาต้มกับ kusa!

ละครเก่าที่ชาญฉลาด Brahmans เขียนเพื่อมวลชนงานข้อความเช่น airlocks

ความบิดเบี้ยวเล็กน้อยมีความหมายว่าเขาวงกต bistables สง่างามอย่างยิ่ง:

บางครั้งก็ถูกทิ้งบางครั้งถูกกวาดล้างโดย wavicles ชั่วคราว

เพื่อลบล้างเส้นทาง Lorentzian เป็นผักตบชวาที่ทำมิเรอร์

หาก “ใช่” สวิตช์จะทำการปรับเปลี่ยนใหม่แล้ว “ไม่” หรือ “ไม่” เปลี่ยนไป

ปลายเดียวกัน ในการทดสอบในห้องปฏิบัติการ spintronics เช่น vintage Marchese ทำให้พอใจพลังงานต่ำ


In Spanish:

To Mando café en Soho, los poem’s negentrópicos sonaban a todo volumen.

Los exiliados de los enclaves inconformistas, darybeak baryonic veraz.

Carecer de telepresencia útil, cruzar fronteras, raramente dormir.

Los femtosegundos enmarcan las estancias silenciosas las luces de la calle durante toda la semana.

Las gachas y el estofado de uñas calman los labios agrietados, Henries, las máscaras Nancy de buceo.

La basura del mercado llena las mochilas que ensilla el kung fu sin libros, la interferencia sin rumbo.

¡Indeterminismo sin raíces, rollos de dados, hojas de té hervidas con kusa!

El sabio viejo drama que los brahmanes escriben para las misas, el mensaje funciona como escotillas,

La torpeza trivial presagia el laberinto biestables grotescamente digno:

A veces a la izquierda, a la derecha, barridos por ondulaciones improvisadas

Para anular el camino lorentziano como jacintos reflejados.

Si es “sí”, la retextualización cambia, entonces “no”, o “ninguno” se repitió

El mismo fin. En las pruebas de laboratorio, la espintrónica, como la marchesi vintage, complace las bajas potencias.

Ese yin y el yang se están fusionando, como los bebés en los bosques, se convierten en nosotros, todo boca y sin pantalones.

Part 5: Further Analysis

But a bow on this one. It’s finished. [EDIT] six months late, I realized I left the word “twistiness”, a dactyl word, out of the poem, so I updated line 8 and the subsequent Japanese, Thai and Spanish translations. I think I did that on purpose, since I already had the fifteen words I needed to complete the sonnet, and leaving the word ‘twistiness’ out of the sonnet in the stanza devoted to a description of a labyrinth as it relates to quantum spin seemed clever at the time. That draft was submitted to Poetry Magazine. It was rejected. The burden of literary criticism in this blog post is essentially cringebait, and people who read Poetry Magazine want an hour of leisure, not a lesson. They approve a fart, not a skid mark.

Because it is determined by the number of random microstates, entropy is related to the amount of additional information needed to specify the exact physical state of a system, given its macroscopic specification. For this reason, it is often said that entropy is an expression of the disorder, or randomness of a system, or of the lack of information about it.[2] The concept of entropy plays a central role in information theory.

Entropy is randomness and uncertainty, a cat in a bag.

In information theory and statistics, negentropy is used as a measure of distance to normality.[5][6][7] Out of all distributions with a given mean and variance, the normal or Gaussian distribution is the one with the highest entropy. Negentropy measures the difference in entropy between a given distribution and the Gaussian distribution with the same mean and variance. Thus, negentropy is always nonnegative, is invariant by any linear invertible change of coordinates, and vanishes if and only if the signal is Gaussian.
Negentropy is defined as – Wikipedia –

Figure 1. Mathematical formula for negentropic function.

In information theory and statistics, negentropy is used as a measure of distance to normality.[5][6][7] Out of all distributions with a given mean and variance, the normal or Gaussian distribution is the one with the highest entropy. Negentropy measures the difference in entropy between a given distribution and the Gaussian distribution with the same mean and variance. Thus, negentropy is always nonnegative, is invariant by any linear invertible change of coordinates, and vanishes if and only if the signal is Gaussian.

The process, to me, is more interesting than the actual poem, the distance required to reach the beautiful form, the unassailable dynamo of lingua franca whose well is ever-deep and loving. “By Muses, I think he’s got it”, the most divine praise, not for me but for thee…to become the apeture of imagination, not its exculpatory admonisher caught in the brambles of a needy ego.

Look what Marvel Comics did to those silly comic books. Deeper dives…into something fun and forgettable, give increased suspension of disbelief thy shield and thy spear, mere profit. The sonnet itself looks like something vivisected and devoid of life, an Endgame. It tries to be a poem, but remains only that, a simulation of a sonnet. If I had included the word quatorzian in the poem’s title because the word, again, just means ’14-line poem”, it would have been more monstrous than using the word “twistiness” to describe a labyrinth when the word itself is fairly easy to define without any descriptive qualifier. A “simple” labyrinth perhaps takes longer to solve than a “simple” labyrinth, but at a quantum level, again, like the syllabary used to brutally fashion this sonnet, the differences are only an aggregate of differences, stochatistic, non-linear, perhaps because they are functions of a yet undiscovered order of existence at the level of dark energy, something that exists after the heat death of the universe, something eternal, and eternally obscure, but negentropically energizing the potential immaterial and material of the universe, both force and matter, and all shades between, resting in order, but if you give it a lemon twist , it works out. Here. look at these.

Figure 2. A Saddle

Just a simple twist

Figure 3. from another angle, it’s a curve on a Nasacar track
Figure 4. Another view of the saddle of partial derivative saddle

I got pedantic and spent so much time on the process that I wore a flat area into the poem, so I need to through some Pi into that mess to make it comfy.

That’s more like it

Figure 6. I have a big ass, so I need a wide saddle.

Hey, but these chains suck

Let K be an order of reflectional symmetry. For K = 1 the existence of simultaneous rotational symmetry of an order 1 follows directly from Property 1. For K ≥ 2 a proof is based on the fact that combining any two reflections yields a rotation. Precisely, a combination of two reflections in distinct intersecting lines is a rotation about the point of intersection (here: the origin and also the centre of an image) by twice the angle between the two mirror lines. Refφ ·Refθ (x, y) = cos 2φ sin 2φ sin 2φ − cos 2φ ! cos 2θ sin 2θ sin 2θ − cos 2θ ! x y ! = = cos 2 (φ − θ) − sin 2 (φ − θ) sin 2 (φ − θ) cos 2 (φ − θ) ! · x y ! = Rot2(φ−θ) (x, y)

An image has a reflectional symmetry of order K if it is invariant to reflection with respect to the reflection axes rotated by θ0 + k·180◦ K , k = 0, . . . , K − 1, about the origin. An image has a rotational symmetry of order K if it is invariant to rotation by l·360◦ K , l = 0, . . . , K − 1, about the origin. It is enough to demonstrate that all the above K rotations and none other rotation are achieved by a combination of two reflections. Let k1, k2, k3 ≡ {0, . . . , K − 1} mod K. Let Ref θ0 + k1·180◦ K and Ref θ0 + k2·180◦ K be two arbitrary reflections. Then from (Appendix A.1) it immediately follows that Proof. Ref θ0 + k1 · 180◦ K ! · Ref θ0 + k2 · 180◦ K ! = Rot 2 θ0 + k1 · 180◦ K − θ0 − k2 · 180◦ K !! = = Rot (k1 − k2) · 360◦ K ! = Rot k3 · 360◦ K !

Let it be. Let it be alive and dead.

Figure 7. I’m blind and I can’t see. I wear sonnet glasses and do tai chi.

Fin – By coincidence – so effed up, I wasn’t even thinking about them – I edited this the day I found out Kanye and Kim split up. I hope they work it out for their kids’ sake. I wrote a humorous blog entry about sonnets and Kanye West’s relationship with absurdities of fame and wealth. So weird. All my best.

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